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This House Is Not For Sale
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The Circle Tour 2010 & Live 2011 Tour

statistika zahraných písní na tomto turné

1. 146x We Weren´t Born To Follow
2. 146x You Give Love A Bad Name
3. 146x It´s My Life
4. 146x Bad Medicine
5. 146x Wanted Dead Or Alive
6. 146x Living On A Prayer
7. 145x Who Says You Can´t Go Home?
8. 140x Born To Be My Baby
9. 133x We Got It Goin´ On
10. 130x Keep The Faith
11. 117x Lost Highway
12. 110x I´ll Be There For You
13. 104x Someday I´ll Be Saturday Night
14. 104x I´ll Sleep When I´m Dead
15. 99x Lay Your Hands On Me
16. 97x When We Were Beautiful
17. 96x Runaway
18. 91x Blood On Blood
19. 90x Work For The Working Man
20. 89x Have A Nice Day
21. 71x Superman Tonight
22. 64x In These Arms
23. 62x Whole Lot Of Leavin´
24. 59x Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
25. 56x Bed Of Roses
26. 55x Love´s the Only Rule
27. 54x Pretty Woman
28. 52x Something For The Pain
29. 49x (You Want To) Make A Memory
30. 38x Raise Your Hands
31. 35x Always
32. 34x Hallelujah
33. 34x Roadhouse Blues
34. 32x Shout
35. 30x I Love This Town
36. 29x What Do You Got?
37. 28x The More Things Change
38. 25x Diamond Ring
39. 25x Homebound Train
40. 22x Dry County
41. 21x Happy Now
42. 21x Start Me Up
43. 20x Thorn In My Side
44. 20x Hot Legs
45. 20x These Days
46. 20x Old Time Rock And Roll
47. 20x Blaze Of Glory
48. 20x No Apologies
49. 18x Bad Case Of Loving You
50. 17x Last Man Standing
51. 16x Love For Sale
52. 15x Just Older
53. 11x Squeeze Box
54. 9x Living In Sin
55. 8x Hey God
56. 8x The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
57. 7x Never Say Goodbye
58. 7x Wild Is The Wind
59. 6x Twist & Shout
60. 6x Chapel Of Love
61. 6x I´d Die For You
62. 6x Something To Believe In
63. 5x Open All Night
64. 5x Damned
65. 4x Get Ready
66. 4x Only Lonely
67. 4x Summertime
68. 4x Rockin´ All Over The World
69. 4x Not Fade Away
70. 3x Bullet
71. 3x Treat Her Right
72. 3x Miss Fourth Of July
73. 3x Jumpin´ Jack Flash
74. 3x Sympathy For The Devil
75. 3x Wild In The Streets
76. 3x (It´s Hard) Letting You Go
77. 3x I Believe
78. 3x Dancing In The Streets
79. 2x Roulette
80. 2x Shot Through The Heart
81. 2x Can´t Help Falling In Love With You
82. 2x Let It Rock
83. 2x Blood Money
84. 2x Garageland
85. 2x I Got The Girl
86. 2x Santa Fe
87. 2x If Loving You Is Wrong
88. 2x Turn The Page
89. 2x This Is Our House
90. 2x Bounce
91. 2x Bells Of Freedom
92. 2x Gloria
93. 2x Vertigo
94. 2x Mercy
95. 2x This Ain´t A Love Song
96. 1x Tokyo Road
97. 1x Brokenpromiseland
98. 1x All Right Now
99. 1x Born To Be Wild
100. 1x Paint It Black
101. 1x I Don´t Like Mondays
102. 1x Story Of My Life
103. 1x The Last Night
104. 1x Glad All Over
105. 1x Run, Run Rudolph
106. 1x This Is Love, This Is Life
107. 1x My Funny Valentine
108. 1x Thank You For Loving Me
109. 1x Mystery Train
110. 1x So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star
111. 1x Memphis Lives In Me
112. 1x It´s The End Of The World As We Know It
113. 1x Undivided
114. 1x Rock You Like a Hurricane
115. 1x Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
116. 1x I Get a Rush
117. 1x Spanish Harlem
118. 1x Lie To Me
119. 1x Wild Thing
120. 1x Romeo and Juliet
121. 1x Any Other Day

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What About Now
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What About Now DELUXE
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Aftermath Of The Lowdown JAPAN
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Richie Sambora

Aftermath Of The Lowdown EU
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